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Magravan says:
Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!

So... not quite Teletubbies :D Or at least if it is, they are hunting them down and devouring their sweet, sweet brains :D

If you're into Planetside 2, go back one, and see a little thing that June drew up to try to help me get a Beta Key :)

Thanks again to everyone who is voting on TWC. Somehow we're in 5th place, and I'm guessing we get some clicks from it :)

Other than that, have a great week, and we'll see you on Thursday!
Skrael says:

Ever try to catch a straw with your tongue when you can't see?
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Nightsky says:
Not even Robert can explain everything away so easily.
T.Gatto says:
We should just get Robert a shirt that says "Because I'm the Evil Dictator!"

Why do you have to justify anything when you are an Evil Dictator, that defeats the purpose of being both Evil, and a Dictator?!?
Magravan says:
@Nightsky - Unless he uses T.Gatto's approach :D

@T.Gatto - That would be horrible for his propaganda department :)
model S says:
Haha. I want a virtual reality interface. I'd be a space marine with powered assualt armor, and Umh cool alien weapons and ... Know what screw it I'll just go play halo.
Nightsky says:
Oh yeah, quick question... If they're just heads, where does the TOGM go?
Magravan says:
@model S - You're missing out :P

@Nightsky - "It's the Ciiiircle of Life..." Note that they are on a stand which may or may not be solid. (It is not.)

cudjoej43 - :O Now if only I could make an automated, broken english replybot, it'd be a match made in internet heaven!
PhilC says:
Oooh, razor-sharp, insightful commentary on today's society, with people plugged into virtual reality with the internet, MMORPGs, facebook, etc., with no self determination or control, powerless, letting mostly benevolent others pull the strings. Sort of like I am, right now.
Or it's just zombies.
Either way, good stuff!
Magravan says:
I'm certain that if anyone ever did an English paper on TOGM, it would be shown to be pretty deep and insightful...

Only half of that would actually be intentional, but they'd insist that was what we were going for anyway :)
aok666 says:
Teletubbies don't have brains. This was universally agreed by my mum and her friends when I was at playgroup :-D (my mother's hatred of children's TV presenters meant that I learnt the word "lobotomy" when I was three years old)
For Ones, VR human-hunting is better than hopeless wandering. But for the higher numbers there's better stuff to do... don't get carried away, Robert. Maybe that's why Robert kept Thomas alive: so that there'd be someone who wasn't involved in this (not in awe or fighting against) to keep Robert from going completely off his rocker.
the_brigand says:
what's the problem, a bunch of brainless zombies decapitated and kept happy. What's more inhumane, keeping them happy and fed in a jar where they think the world is their playground or letting them stumble around lost and starving out in the real world?
Thomas has convinced me to liberate my plants from the garden.. be free radishes!
Magravan says:
@aok666 - Who is to say that the extent of the program is the hunt? :)

@the_brigand - That's the point Robert's trying to make. It's actually more humane to give them the fake world where their needs are taken care of than risk their well being when every death costs the society as a whole.
Magravan says:
It's good there's a bit of overlap though... There is some subtext in this story :)