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A Lousy Day
Magravan says:
Welcome to TOGM! We are starting over after a really, really positive preview, and looking to maintain a Monday / Thursday Update Schedule for the time being. Ideally, if the drawing continues to improve and get faster, we'll maybe go to 3 times a week. Time will tell on that front.

I hope that you will enjoy the comic and join us for the journey. If we get enough interest, forums and other goodies are a definite possibility.

To be clear, I'm James, and I am the writer. June (who is my wife) is the artist. Maybe I might do 'guest strips' outside of the regular update schedule, just so that people understand how blessed I am to have such a talented wife :)

If you know of any good webcomic lists or places that we can use to advertise cheaply / free, please let us know! :)

See you on Thursday!

Feel free to send email to!
Skrael says:
I really didn't want to draw panel four with all of the zombies ... but I did, yay!
Any way, I hope you enjoy this little bit of the comic. It has been fun thus far to create, and I've been enjoying having a project to do with my husband. I hope to eventually draw comics 100x better than this first strip. I may be able to paint photo-realism in Photoshop, but actually drawing cartoons was a HUGE challenge for me.
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Ksilmot says:
Nice job guys! Looks very nice was funny too.
Notacomicfan says:
To be honest, it took a minute to realize you guys were criticizing your own comic. I am not a comic fan so I don't know if my opinion counts. However, here is why I am not a fan. They don't make sense to me! I can't follow the panels and who said what first in the little speaking bubbles. However, with your comic I can follow the plot. It's very left to right, top to bottom which is the way I think it should be. I didn't understand the 4 reference until it was explained in later panels but it doesn't really matter. I understood later. Great drawings.
gord says:, its gord from the CFC Toronto, this is really good James.
maureen says:
Hey this was more than I expected.....continue it my friend this is the best advice I can give.. the drawing are amazing. I love them.
Melissa says:
I think the drawing is great, i'm just a little confused as to the story line. (james sent me the link here)
Polytonic says:
You... should put the originals back into an archive somewhere.
Magravan says:
They'll be back :) There isn't much change to them at the moment... Just wanted to reboot the process and get it started for real :)
Pix says:
I've now bookmarked this and added it to my list of regular webcomics. Love it! Can't wait to see what comes next.
Lessum says:
Hi guys!!! This is great! I can't wait to read them again!
ArtistXXY says:
ive read quite an amount of comics and i like yours... and this may not even be important, but WHY did he end up in the zombie clinic? it is a good comic but i prefer to get some details clear, unless you intend to write more about it later on
Magravan says:
Why he was dumped in the first place? Explained later.
Why he happened to be dumped in that exact spot? Chance.
Why he went to a zombie clinic? It had the sign for a medical place. John has memories, just lacks autobiographical ones.

I thought I recognized the avatar :) Welcome to TOGM :D
Peter Palmiotti
Peter Palmiotti says:
Looks good, look forward to giving it a read!

So this is your first comic together, did you both do others?
Magravan says:
Uhm... Technically I did a stickman comic at one point... It's our only serious comic though.

June's done plenty of art, and I've done the occasional writing... This is our first collaborative effort (in comicing, anyways... I guess the kid counts as a collab effort :P)
mat says:
still amazing third time reading through and the artwork is still amazing ps im at the fanart page with after the sleeping jhon no spoilers here
The Phantom says:
I would to use my Ninja Karate skills to mop the floor with Chad!

I just wouldn't want to embarrass him by beating him to badly, so I haven't done so already. Just giving him time to train and reconsider and all.
me says:
I came back from latter in the comic, so why exactly is a one in the clinic?
Magravan says:
@mat - Thanks! I'm glad that it's worth rereading. Honestly, that's wonderful. :)

@The Phantom - Since he doesn't show up for quite a few strips, you might be waiting a while.

@me - To get TOGM, basically.